A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Untitled Game Jam #14

Take control of Bernard and fight your way through each section of this interconnected map. Search out each of the 8 hidden seeds to replant the crops back at the home base.


WASD - Move

Space - Attack

E - Interact

Esc - Main Menu


Design & Programming - Devin Rhoads

Music & Sounds - Alex Sicard

Art - https://opengameart.org/content/zelda-like-tilesets-and-sprites


Bernard's Adventure (0.9.5).zip 21 MB

Development log


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So I got all 8 seeds, but only saw 7 plots of land to plant the seeds in I planted the last seed in one of the 7 plots again is there a way to get an ending or do you just get the seeds and that's it? Overall though pretty enjoyable relaxing game wish there was an ending though or I wish I would have found it if there was one. my play through here: 


Thanks for playing and recording your gameplay! At the moment there isn't much of an ending beyond just collecting and planting the seeds. Had to cleanup and cut some unfinished content from the game since today was the final day of my game jam, but as I am able to finish that stuff up over the next week i'll be putting out updates. Really appreciate ya giving it a shot and trying out the game!

Thanks for making it dude was still pretty fun to play through and I appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know good luck in the future hopefully will see more of your games.