A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Untitled Game Jam #4

This project is very much unfinished but will be getting an update in the next day to fix some of the functionality. Created this mainly to test around with farming mechanics. 

Used some of the downloaded models below to help bring this project together.




CityGrow.zip 242 MB


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Hey I saw this on the untitled game jam hall of fame and I'm just wondering if I'm missing something. I seem to only get past the part where you water the plant and get to the city. After that I cant find anything to do. Could you help?


Hey sorry for the delayed response I missed seeing this coming through.  This project is a super early prototype where I was kinda just playing around with a few things. There is very little to do in the build that i posted so my guess is you did see all of the content.  The reason that it was in the hall of fame was because this was the only project submitted during the jam.  So I kinda won by default lol.  But thanks for checking out the game, the ideas in this project have morphed into a new game im working on so stay tuned cuz ill probably have an early version of it uploaded in a week or two.